Attacked by Sexual Demons

by Pastor Dennis

Attacked by Sexual Demons

There are many Christians being attacked by sexual demons and are experiencing sex in their dreams. Some of these dreams are received and other times the dreams are unwanted. Christians of all walks to include married or single, Pastors, Evangelists, and many leaders in the Body of Christ are having these types of sexual dreams. These are demonic dreams and should be rejected. The Bible shows that Satan is the master deceiver and will come to destroy you.Some of these demons have been called Incubus, Succubus, Spiritual Husbands and Spiritual Wives. The names of these demons are not as important as their demonic mission. They will come to a person to deceive them and wreck their lives.

There are many wives and husbands alike that have stopped having sex with their spouse because “they just don’t feel the spark anymore”. This can be due to actual physical adultery or possibly from sex with demons. If you are having a dream and you see the face of your spouse, do not be deceived to think that this is your actual spouse. This is the face of a demonic impersonator. Most Christians believe that demons are just a figment of someone’s imagination or just part of folklore, fairy tales or horror movies. This is not true! Demons are real and when you are having sex in your dreams you are in spiritual danger and need deliverance. The only solution to this problem is deliverance from the demons followed by continued Spiritual Warfare.

Some Christians have had an issue with sexual demon attacks since their childhood and have never gotten rid of these tormenting spirits. Sometimes spirits that cause these types of sexual dreams will enter when a person is raped or molested as a child. Demons do not have any compassion for human life and do not care about how tender a child is. Their aim is to destroy, kill and steal.

If you are a Christian and are experiencing sexual demonic attacks with these types of dreams you need deliverance from evil spirits. If you are afraid to go to sleep because of the power that these demons seem to have in your life, you are in need of deliverance from demons. Do not dismiss these types of dreams as “just a dream” or receive these dreams as giving you some type of pleasure. You must be totally honest with yourself in order to get free. You must completely renounce and repent of any pleasure or need for this type of sex with demons. Sometimes a person will not receive freedom or be able to keep the freedom from demons because they like the pleasure that they receive from these demonic sexual encounters.

Begin to seek the Lord for forgiveness in this area. Say to the God: “Father I ask you to forgive me for all my sins and especially for receiving pleasure from sexual demons. I am asking for your help now Lord and need you desperately to get over this. I renounce all pleasure from sexual demons and repent of this pleasure in Jesus name. Lord I am also seeking deliverance from these demons of lusts and perverted pleasures. Jesus you are my deliverer and in Jesus name I am seeking full deliverance from being attacked by sexual demons..”

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Attacked by Sexual Demons

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